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Do’s and Don’ts, AdBlue® Must read

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 16:16:52 Europe/London

The Dont's

Don’t purchase AdBlue® or any other SCR solution from a supplier that is not a registered licensee of the VDA.

DON’T buy a product claiming to be AdBlue®, but calling itself “Urea solution” or similar. If it doesn’t say AdBlue® on the packaging, it’s not AdBlue®, it’s an inferior product.

use AdBlue® as a diesel additive. It is a common misconception that it is a fuel additive, so never add AdBlue® directly into the fuel tank. If AdBlue® is mistakenly added, do not start the engine.

DON'T operate your vehicle without AdBlue®. In the long run this will damage your investment. On Board Diagnostics detect there is no AdBlue® and that NOx emissions are beyond legal limits. This generates a warning and the engine torque will be reduced by up to 40% until AdBlue® is added and NOx emissions return to legal limits. Over-riding the system will also affect warranties and you will be operating illegally. Don’t add water to the AdBlue® tank!

DISPENSING - DON'T fill your AdBlue® tank with anything other than AdBlue®. There is no substitute for AdBlue®. Use of impure AdBlue® or other liquids like water may cause gradual degrading and subsequent clogging of the catalyst resulting in costly replacement of parts, reduced efficiency and lost time.

DON'T use fuel or lubricants equipment such as funnels, jugs or containers, for AdBlue® storage or dispensing as it will contaminate your AdBlue®.

DON'T refill previously used AdBlue® containers as they may have been contaminated. Do not store AdBlue® in direct sunlight.

The Do's

Only buy AdBlue® from a licensee of the AdBlue® trademark, registered by the VDA.

AdBlue® needs to remain pure for the SCR system to work and avoid being damaged, so you must take care to protect your AdBlue® against any contamination from such materials as; fuel, oil, grease, water, dust, dirt, metal or detergent. Keep AdBlue® equipment clean and free of dirt and dust. If equipment needs be cleaned or rinsed internally, use demineralised water or AdBlue® – don’t use tap water !

STORAGE AND DISPENSING Only use dedicated AdBlue® equipment for storage and dispensing. To avoid contamination at the dispensing unit, insert only the AdBlue® pistol into the AdBlue® inlet, both are clearly marked. Packaged AdBlue® product such as cans, drums and IBCs that fleet operators receive from AdBlue® suppliers must be sealed. Always fill the vehicle’s AdBlue® tank with AdBlue®. It is usually a medium sized, clearly designated tank with a blue filler cap, that sits next to or near the vehicle’s fuel tank. Storage below 30oC and over -11ºC is recommended to maintain an optimal shelf life of 12 months. When exposed to temperatures below -11ºC, AdBlue® will freeze, but it can be thawed without any deterioration in its quality. To thaw AdBlue®, warm the storage container gently and it will return to its original state. The vehicle’s system protects itself against frozen AdBlue® in the lines and injector, by clearing the dosing lines at switch-off.


What is AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is a pure, colourless synthetic urea solution, produced to an exact specification from the organic compound Urea, and pure, demineralised water. Although this may sound like a simple formula, it is critical that AdBlue® is produced under the most stringent of conditions to ensure its purity. It is equally critical that this purity is maintained throughout the distribution and storage processes until the product reaches its final destination: the vehicle’s AdBlue® tank and its exhaust injection system. Without this essential purity, the SCR system will not perform its role correctly and there is a high risk that the vehicle’s emissions-reducing equipment may be damaged.

Why do I need AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is an essential element in making sure that your vehicle, which is fitted with an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, always meets the required legal levels for EU exhaust emissions. In simple terms, AdBlue® is injected in measured quantities to your vehicle’s exhaust gases and, with the help of the catalytic converter, changes the toxic exhaust gas, NOx, into two harmless substances – nitrogen and steam. The result of this process is a significant reduction in the emission of the harmful substance – nitrogen oxides (NOx).

What can go wrong if I use contaminated AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is a very pure chemical product and its purity needs to be protected at every stage of production and handling. If AdBlue® becomes contaminated through poor storage and handling procedures, then it will cause the SCR system to work incorrectly as the SCR system is sensitive to any impurities in the AdBlue®, this could mean your vehicle is operating illegally. Furthermore, contaminated AdBlue® will damage the SCR System and so invalidate any warranty claims relating to damage to the vehicle’s SCR exhaust injection system or catalyst.

How can I be sure I’m using the right AdBlue® in the right way?
Firstly, only source AdBlue® from suppliers which are licensed by the VDA to produce and/or supply the product. AdBlue® has a specification that meets the agreed global standard ISO22241 and this places requirements on AdBlue® producers and distributors to guarantee the purity of the product from production source through distribution process and during storage. The VDA issues licences to AdBlue® producers and suppliers which enables them to use the AdBlue® trademark. You can find a list of licensed AdBlue® suppliers by going to the VDA Secondly, follow the list of simple “Do’s and Don’ts” and you will easily guarantee the purity and performance of your AdBlue®.



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Shining Bright in Darker Days

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 08:41:38 Europe/London

The Workshop Warehouse launches new VISION Pocket Lamp and High Power LED Hand Lamp

The Workshop Warehouse’s exclusive VISION lighting range just became even bigger, with the introduction of a new compact Pocket Lamp and a high power LED Hand Lamp.

The Vision Pocket Lamp (EHL120D) features 8 LEDs housed under a robust lens shield to protect it from everyday bumps and scrapes. The pocket clip with integral magnet allows hands-free use, either clipped to clothing or positioned at any angle on a magnetic surface.The Vision Pocket Lamp comes with 3 AAA batteries and at only 160 x 15 x 28mm, is small enough to carry in your pocket and ideal for working in confined spaces.

The Vision 180° Magnetic High Power LED Hand Lamp (EHL190) is based on the popular EHL180 design but swaps the original’s 21 LEDs for 2 High Power LEDs which are not only brighter but also last over 50% longer than the original, providing up to 7 hours of continuous lighting on a single charge. All the features of the original EHL180 are retained, including the top-mounted 5 LED spot light, 180° folding design, dual magnets and hanging hooks and both mains and car chargers included.

The full range of Vision Hand Lamps is available from The Workshop Warehouse and its distributors.

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Workshop Consumables Made Easy

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 08:40:38 Europe/London

The Workshop Warehouse 2014 Catalogue - Out Now

The new, 2014 consumables catalogue from The Workshop Warehouse is now available. Featuring over 6,000 lines across 400 full colour pages, the catalogue is presented in a brand new layout with actual size product images. The Workshop Warehouse stocks big name brands, as well as an expanded offering of the bestselling S.A.S range of adhesives and aerosols, Vision lighting and Essentials, exclusive to The Workshop Warehouse. With each box of catalogues ordered, customers have the option of personalising them with their company logo and contact details

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Inform February 2014 Editorial

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 08:38:41 Europe/London

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CAT Magazine Vision Editorial December

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 16:07:45 Europe/London

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CAT Magazine Advert December

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 16:05:52 Europe/London

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The Workshop Warehouse ‘Vision’ Hi-Vis Hand Lamps

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:42:27 Europe/London

The Workshop Warehouse ( launches ‘Vision’ Hi-Vis Hand Lamps

vision hi vis hand lamps

The Workshop Warehouse has given one of its bestselling own brand products - the Vision 180° Magnetic Folding LED Hand Lamp – a hi-vis facelift, by introducing two new fluorescent colours to the range. Now available in Yellow and Orange casings, the Vision 180° Magnetic Folding LED Hand Lamp is designed for easy location in low-light areas – no more closing the bonnet of a car with your black hand lamp still resting on the engine block!

The hi-vis versions of the Vision 180° Magnetic Folding LED Hand Lamp still retain all the features that made the original so popular;

2 built-in magnets for parallel use

Magnetic base for vertical use with 180° flexibility

2 hanging hooks offering more light angle possibilities

21 LED Lamp provides up to 4 hours of continuous lighting

5 LED Spot Light for up to 15 hours of continuous lighting

For more information call 0113 213 4300


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Understanding the Grading of High Tensile Bolts

Friday, 15 February 2013 18:33:09 Europe/London

industrial fasteners

When it comes to fasteners and fixings, high tensile bolts are some of the best you can offer your customers. These bolts are an important part of many home improvement projects, auto manufacturing and repairs, and other projects.

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Overview of High Tensile Bolts

Saturday, 26 January 2013 07:27:12 Europe/London

high tensile bolt

In order to understand the reason why high tensile bolts are such important fasteners and fixings to offer to your customers, you must first understand exactly what ‘high tensile’ means.

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S.A.S - Specialist Sealants & Adhesives - NEW Range

Friday, 29 July 2011 16:03:39 Europe/London

This month sees the launch of our new S.A.S range, which is available exclusively from The Workshop Warehouse and covers the following ranges in sealants and adhesives: • Instant Adhesives • Structural Bonding • Thread Locking • Retaining/Pipe Sealing • Gasketing • Exhaust Repair Please click on the link in the home page to have a look at these fantastic new products.

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